VAC-TECH offers a viable cost savings alternative to in-house pump repair or replacement, valve rebuilding, and parts cleaning. Our repair technicians have a total of over 25 years experience in vacuum theory, application, and repair of production vacuum pumps.


We meet and in most cases exceed factory specifications on our remanufactured pumps.


Hand lap on all rotating and stationary components requiring ultra-precise tolerances.


We test each pump after re-assembly by monitoring and charging with fresh fluid.

All work areas and systems meet stringent EPA and OSHA requirements.

Phase 1
Break down

Pumps are broken down at designated workstation under exhaust hood. Protective gloves, eye goggles, breathing apparatus and aprons are required. All parts are initially cleaned with biodegradable chemical degreaser (soapy solution), then rinsed with water and blow dried with compressed air.

Phase 2

Surfaces of all components are stripped down to bare metal by means of glass bead blast machine then blown off with compressed air. Components are then rinsed with solvent leaving surfaces virtually free of all harmful residues.

Phase 3

All critical dimensions of moving parts and mating surfaces are measured and inspected to 1/10,000 millimeters of compliance to factory specifications and tolerances. Mating surfaces and O-ring surfaces are hand lapped to precise finishes. All other components are discarded and replaced.

Phase 4

Pump is assembled at designated clean area. Gaskets, seals, and O-rings are replaced, along with any other component or components that do not meet factory specifications and/or tolerances

Phase 5

After pump has been properly assembled; it is forwarded to designated bench test station. A vacuum gauge is used to test absolute vacuum pressure and a thermocouple gauge, in conjunction with a given volume (test tank) can be implemented to qualify acceptable pumping speed.

Phase 6

After assembly, pump is tested, monitored and recorded on a test sheet. Checking pressure and temperature.

Phase 7

Once approved, protective cap plugs are inserted into intake and exhaust ports of pump to prevent foreign matter. Pump is then forwarded to paint booth and pump is prepared and spray-painted.

Phase 8

Necessary paperwork is attached to pump including a sticker and tag showing pump testing results and particulars.

Vac-Tech offers valve rebuilding services, we have reverse engineered valves from major OEMs and have special tooling made to service these valves.

Valves are completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled using all new o-rings, seals, and leak checked prior to shipping.

    Clean and rebuild a variety of valves:
  •  HVA, VAT, SMC, NorCal, Edwards, Varian, and many more.
  •  Many Configurations, Gate, Pendulum, Fore Line, Throttle, etc.

Vac-Tech’s Parts Cleaning facility offers different types of wet cleans, media blasting and Co2 cleans.

  •  Vac-Tech offers free local deliver and pick up for all parts cleaning services.
  •  All parts are kept separate from the time they enter the facility to the time they leave, and cleaned in separate cabinets to control cross contamination.
  •  Parts are blasted according to what type of media required, dipped in an alcohol tank, wiped down in a clean room, and packaged in a clean room.
  •  Vac-Tech parts cleaning services include: Implant (all platforms), CVD, PVD, Etch, and we service major OEMS.

CO2 Blast cleaning has been used successfully in the semiconductor industry to clean: throttle valves, bellows, positive resist track bowls, applied 5000 turbo screens, isolation valves, blower flanges, teos valves and other critical parts.

Advantages of the CO2 blast cleaning include:

  •  Substantial reductions in cleaning time
  •  Recover and reuse of parts normally discarded
  •  Safe containment of hazardous materials
  •  Effective alternative to acids, solvents and hand scrapping

Parts cleaning, CO2 cleans

  •  Ceramics
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Aluminum
  •  Anodized aluminum
  •  Silicon Carbide
  •  Titanium, Graphites, and more...

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